Saturday, 16 April 2016

Old New/Bangkok Wanderings

I want a life measured, 
  in first steps on foreign soils
 and deep breaths
  in brand new seas. 
  I want a life measured
 in Welcome signs,
each stamped
with a different name,
borders marked with metal and paint.
Show me the streets 
that don't know the music
of my meandering feet
and I will play their song
upon them.
Perfume me please
in the smells of far away,
I will never wash my hair
if it promises to stay.
I want a life measured
  in the places I haven’t gone,
short sleeps on long flights,
strange voices teaching me
 new words to describe 
the dawn.

Words by: Tyler Knott Greyson

So, how'd you like this poem + picture travel post? I have a lifelong affair with words and how some people are able to put the simplest of words side-by-side and make your heart leap. I was looking at these pictures when this poem popped into my head and what can I say - It's a match made in heaven!

This was my first time in Bangkok, and I loved it. The rugged metallic houses found amidst the massive, tall buildings gave me an imagery of what Singapore's Orchard Road circa 1970s looked like before it grew from a tiny town to the skyscraper city it now is.

But unfortunately (or fortunately for some of us) our lives don't take the decades-old metamorphosis that cities do. For some of us, change is startling, chokes you and leaves your heart precipitously  beating to catch up with the rationalization in your head. 

I am going through that kind of change now, the change that makes yesterday seem so impossibly far away. It threw a tank truck at me and I wasn't Superman - I couldn't swing it away, fly back in time to stop it from happening or haul it right back at whoever threw it at me. I am crushed under the weight of something I could do nothing about and the only thing I know how to do is to tend to the people who have fallen under the brutality of it. 

But although it has crushed me, I am not crushed.

I may not be Superman, but I know a Superman. And He will always, always save me. 

Sending my love and His Grace always,
Trish x. 

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