Monday, 4 April 2016

Love For Horses

and perhaps the most
beautiful paradox of all:
how the human heart is
heartbreakingly fragile
and unshakably strong
at the same time.
How much
Does your tongue have to bleed
Before you stop biting it?
Your heart is not a lion,
So why are you taming it?
God gave you a loud voice,
A voice box dripping revolution,
So quit trying to lower your volume.
You were meant
To rattle the tectonic plates
Of anyone who has ever told you
That you're not enough.
You were born fiery
Don't let anyone put out your flame
With their tears of incompetence.

Words by: Zienab Hamdan

Hello there dearest ones! How was your Monday? Mine began with surprising a dearest friend and ended with surprising yet another dearest friend. Amidst the studying, it gives my heart great delight to love people. I'm currently sitting in my school's SR with no one else around, and I love it. That inexplicable joy of silence - your mind and your heart converses.

Speaking of my heart, let me share something so dear to me - horse riding to most and Equestrian to those who live and breathe it. This is Glenwood Donegal, my best friend. I see him 3 days a week and miss him the other 4 days. This is my place of respite and refuge. But also the place that has crushed me and built me up more times than I have liked. 

So here's to all of you that have been crushed by your circumstances: It's okay. Remember what you're made of. Your tomorrow is not your today and you can begin again. You were made for great things, so don't let anyone put out your flame, not even... Yourself.

Have a great week ahead my dearest friends. Let us let the rebuilding begin.

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